Alice Visits HA’s Wonderland

The junior high students’ production of “Alice in Wonderland” delighted the audience with fantasy, humor, and song.  The colorful palette in the set design was provided by the HA Fine Arts Design (FAD) Team under the direction of art teacher Ann Marie Craig. Actors used their imagination in adding an array of color to their own costume design.

The performance was directed by Amelia Scheit and featured Fiona Shaw as Alice, Natalie Daute as the White Rabbit, and Ellie Eckert as the Caterpillar. The Mad Hatter was played by Caroline Peplinski with Allie Glaszcz as the March Hare. The role(s) of the Cheshire Cat was performed by Amber Georgenson, Claire Voelker and Kaylee Schiller. Olivia Walker and Delanie Heinen combined their efforts in portraying the confusing Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

The familiar story line found Alice being transformed in size many times as she attempted to navigate her way through a land full of wonder, confusion and (at times) danger. Fortunately nobody “lost their head” as the Queen of Hearts (played by Nora Walter) might have enjoyed and eventually Alice found her way back to reality, leaving behind a land filled with wonder and fantasy.

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