Active Grandparents at HAS

This year’s annual Grandparents Day took on a whole new level of activity as grandparents (and grandpals) joined Holy Angels students in a morning of adventure and fun.

The special guests were introduced to the morning’s activities as they gathered in the gym (with bleacher seating)…no small feat, but Many were experienced from watching volleyball or basketball games through the years.  The Holy Angels Chorus provided some entertainment and then it was off to meet with grandkids and see the school!

Activities in the classrooms included: making slime (a very popular stop!), creating madlibs, sharing stories of then and now, grandparent interviews, ecosystem game, bucket lists, photos and snacks, gym activities, and much more.  The Book Fair in the library was filled with students and grandparents.

Everyone then gathered in church for a special Grandparents Mass. Fr. Pat reminded everyone of the importance of sharing our “good news” with each other. Good news can be our own stories of faith as well as the really big story of Jesus’ Resurrection and gift of New Life.

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