Academic Philosophy

Holy Angels School recognizes the elements of faith already present in the home and the role of parents as “the first and foremost catechists of their children” (NCD 212). The faculty and staff of Holy Angels School are dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, psychological, moral, physical, aesthetic and social growth and development of the students who are enrolled. The school strives to meet the developmental needs of each student through a variety of instructional experiences provided and the daily modeling of Christian values. Because each person is of value in the eyes of God – Father, Son and Spirit – all students, parents, faculty and staff participate in a community based on love and respect.

Based on this philosophy, the primary goals of Holy Angels School are to:

  • Develop caring, empathetic, respectful young people with a sense of moral and social responsibility
  • Provide a well-rounded education which includes academics, spiritual formation, and social life- coping skills
  • Maintain an academic program with high standards which provides a foundation for future life-long education.