The curriculum offers learning experiences that meet the individual needs of the students enrolled.  In addition to direct instruction, the religion curriculum can be found integrated in the overall program of instruction. Ongoing curriculum development provides for the use of current materials and the best of methodologies in each subject area.

Holy Angels is committed to providing a curriculum based on the Wisconsin State and Common Core Standards in Mathematics and English/Language Arts.

Standardized test scores have consistently indicated a high level of success in developing student understanding in all content areas. Achievement scores (Iowa Assessments) are typically significantly higher than ability scores (Cognitive Abilities Tests).

The scores indicate how the Holy Angels average student score compares to the average score of students across the country. The percentile indicates the position of Holy Angels students in comparison with 100 students in the sample. Therefore a percentile of 75 means that the average Holy Angels student scored higher than 75 out of 100 in the sample. 
 Note: The CogAt is a measure of ability, other scores are achievement measures.


Holy Angels 8th graders completed the Explore Test in spring of 2014. The average scores can be compared to the national average in the content areas and composite score:

English……… HAS – 19.1  vs  15.2  (out of 25)
Math………… HAS – 19.6  vs  15.9
Reading…… HAS – 17.6  vs  15.0
Science……. HAS – 19.9  vs  16.8
Composite.. HAS – 19.3  vs 15.9

68% of the HAS students scored in the top 25% nationally.



Grade Level Curriculum Summary

K4 Curriculum
K5 Curriculum
Grade 1 Curriculum
Grade 2 Curriculum
Grade 3 Curriculum
Grade 4 Curriculum
Grade 5 Curriculum
Grade 6 Curriculum
Grade 7 Curriculum
Grade 8 Curriculum
Algebra Curriculum 


Archdiocesan Curriculum

The curriculum at Holy Angels is aligned to the curriculum which has been developed by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.  Click here for a link to the archdiocesan curriculum.

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