A Team of Christmas Angels

The interior of Holy Angels Church during the Christmas is always a special place. This year’s Christmas Performance was presented in our church as students in grades K5, 1, 2, 3 and 8 performed an original play, “A Team of Christmas Angels”.

The story line went something like this…After the archangel Gabriel delivers the important message to Mary that she will become the mother of the Jesus, he finds out that his job isn’t over just yet. God asks him to create an appropriately huge celebration for the world’s Savior and Gabriel enlists Michael and Raphael to help in the effort. Together, the three archangels work with their angel teams to involve shepherds, townspeople and even kings from afar. Will the gathering for a finale at the Nativity scene be enough to impress even God?

The cast of eighth graders included Roman Frey as Gabriel, Drew Rettler as Michael and Julia Brigowatz as Rafael. The entire eighth grade class was be part of the final Nativity scene, costumed as kings and shepherds and the townspeople of Bethlehem and, of course, the Holy Family. Soloists Julia Brigowatz and Leanne Howell were featured in the finale.

The performance was directed by music teacher Jennifer Komassa.

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