A Medieval Christmas

The celebration of Christmas took on a different appearance at this year’s Christmas Performance. A new portable stage (thanks to a generous anonymous donor) made it possible to stage a performance so-o-o big that it took two stages. Surrounded by a decor out of the Middle Ages, the Great Hall of Angels (the HA gym!) was the location of the sights and sounds of a Medieval Christmas. The story centers on a royal family’s waiting for the return of a loved one from the Crusades. Singers, jugglers, tumblers and jesters attempt to amuse the royalty until .. behold… the prince returns and all is well!

Before and after the performance, guests to the Great Hall were able to stop at the Christmas Cafe for Figgie Pudding (ice cream), punch, sweetbreads, and entertainment. Proceeds from the Christmas Cafe are being send to help Iglesia Catolica, a mission in Honduras. The event was directed by music teacher Jennifer Komassa, with the assistance of other staff and parent volunteers.

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